You may be interested in reading Chris’ teaching portfolio

Chris’ award-winning teaching experience spans 19 academic semesters and includes lecturing, laboratory instruction, and teaching assistantships (TA) of laboratory courses. He specializes in teaching fundamental biochemical concepts that also have a basis in cell biology, molecular biology, and physiology. He is particularly interested in linking events at multiple levels of biological organization; in other words, how does an event at the biochemical level (protein, gene, metabolite) translate to the cellular level, to the organ or tissue level, to the organ system level, and ultimately to the organismal or systemic level?

He is very committed to using evidence-based learning, and one of his favourite approaches is to compare and contrast what happens in a normal or healthy situation (physiology) versus what happens when things go wrong (pathophysiology).

Based on student evaluations of teaching collected for 9 course-semesters, Chris has earned an unweighted average score of 4.23/5.00 or a weighted average score of 4.04/5.00 (where courses with more students have higher weight and courses with less students have lower weight) in the quantitative sections of his student evaluations of teaching.

Courses taught

Additional teaching-related activities, student evaluations of teaching received for these courses, self-analyses, and future directions for teaching can be perused in Chris’ teaching portfolio.

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